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The Cost of Attention: Cardi B, Jussie Smollett, Kodak Black + LeBron, Gronk and the College Admission Scandal With Jez (#DRDS S03E07)
March 29, 2019 03:41 PM PDT
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This week on the podcast I have my good friend Jez come on the podcast to help rundown so topics. It has been almost a month since the last podcast, so I decided to cram in as many topics as possible into one episode.

We begin by talking to Jez in a cold open about his adjustment from Atlanta to D.C. Then we go into LeBron and the bubbling narrative that is trying to give Kevin Durant the crown this year. (13:20) We keep sports going and transition into Rob Gronkowski retiring from the NFL and the mark he left on the game for fans like us (25:30)
The main topic for this episode is the cost of attention. We group the Jussie Smollett story (31:00) with the Kodak Black need to say outlandish things (34:50) because both of these individuals have behavior that stems from the need of attention. It seems that the art isn't carrying them where they want and have chosen other avenues to boost their profile.
On the other end of the spectrum, Cardi B is getting unwanted attention for some comments she made before she came up. (42:18) She stated she used sex to lure men into a setup where they would get drugged and robbed by Cardi. People have been comparing her to Bill Cosby and R. Kelly but that may be a bit much. We explore a few different angles.

We close the podcast with the college admissions scandal and some different aspects of snitching. Mainly because the key cooperator was black Yale soccer coach that tried to get $450,000 from a father.

Thanks for listening!

Solange and Black Planet, Jessie Smollett,Tristan Thompson, and more #(DRDS S3E6 with Keith Nelson Jr)
March 01, 2019 12:13 PM PST
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This week on the podcast, Keith Nelson Jr. joins us once again to cover everything that has happened in the last couple weeks. We kick the pod off by discussing Jessie Smollett's shenanigans. (4:50) Going off the deep end wouldn't describe what he did. We try to navigate him from here. We follow up with some Oscar talk. (15:40) Not the deepest coverage since the Oscars and the Grammy are both just hard to swallow. We then get into the weeds with Tristan Thompson's recent mess up with the Kardashian clique member Jordyn Woods. (23:35) Seems like Tristan is having some difficulty zipping his feelings up. Jordyn came on Red Table Talk to discuss what happened with her and the Kardashians. Keith and I agree this might be a big look for Facebook Watch. (34:56) We end the podcast a discussion around Black Twitter's darling Solange and her Black Planet Takeover (37:40).

NBA Post Trade Deadline Talk With J.R. Gamble of TSL (#DRDS S3E05)
February 13, 2019 04:24 PM PST
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This week on the Podcast we welcome back J.R. Gamble from The Shadow League. We start the podcast off by touching on Michael Vick's cultural impact on Atlanta and football fandom in general.

We follow up with some NBA trade deadline reactions. What deal was the biggest? What deal is a waste? Which deal was underrated but sneakily important? We go through it all and spin forward on the rest of the season to come.

Thanks for listening!

Ella Mai Arrives, Usher and Zaytoven Drop "A", and Quavo Goes Huncho w/ Keith Nelson Jr. (#DRDS Podcast Ep. S0304)
October 17, 2018 07:42 PM PDT
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This week on the podcast Keith Nelson Jr. to rundown the rush of new music. Headlining this episode are two R&B projects headed by Hip-Hop producers. Ella Mai self-titled debut features DJ Mustard and Usher and Zaytoven join together to make "A" (10:30) We contrast the expectations versus the reality of what both projects could be. We also review Quavo's solo effort "Quavo Huncho" and examine the production cycles of Quality Control. (31:19) Is there a lack of quality control or does the streaming era dilute the importance of a solo album?

Eminem and The Case of the Aging Superstar with Keith Nelson Jr. + Nike takes a side.
September 05, 2018 08:29 PM PDT
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This week on the podcast Keith Nelson Jr. joins me to talk about Eminem's new album

#DRDS S3E02 Nicki Minaj Misteps, The Hip-Hop Union, and S#!t I Missed Tru Life Signs With Future w/ Keith Nelson Jr.
August 26, 2018 12:18 PM PDT
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Welcome back #DaRundown South Podcast.

This week we are joined by Keith Nelson Jr. once again to break down some big-picture topics.

04:13 Nicki Minaj Missteps
Darling Nicki, where are we today? Nicki Minaj has been the face of female Hip-Hop for the 10 years or so. Her new album, Queen, drops in the shadow of the recently minted Cardi B. With sales that are pretty good for most, do not live up to the Barbie's standard. Add that to low ticket sales of a"postponed" North American tour and we could be seeing someone who's very frustrated with the new streaming era metrics. It's not a stretch to say she is taking her frustration out on Travis Scott and his family. Kylie Jenner seemed nothing more than show some support to her massive following of zombies. Using paper thin arguments on Twitter and Queen Radio Minaj is showing some real insecurity about her position in the game today. It could be some karma get back for not wanting to support the elevation of other female artists.


29:21 The Hip-Hop Union Party
Is Hip-Hop big enough to start a union? Busta Rhymes seems to think so. A subject Keith Nelson Jr. recently brought up to the legendary rapper in a recent interview.  The socialist idea of having a collectively bargained salary
52:23 S#!t That I Missed: Tru Life  signs with Future's Freebandz
Tru Life is a rapper from yesteryear and used to be signed to Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella imprint. He may be more infamous for his beef but being good enough to sign before. Now he is made post-prison stint to sign with Future's Freebandz label. It's a footnote amongst the trending topics of September 2017  In other day and times this would have been a story that would have taken some time to investigate the long-term play and possibility of starting a trend. None of these were explored by major outlets which may be a result of a lack in present-day lexicon or it could be the victim of the Twitter/social media tail eating news stream that deals much more commerce than journalism.

#DRDS S3E01 - Summer Music Notes, Travis Scott's Astroworld and Autotune Era Rap Rankings
August 15, 2018 05:21 AM PDT
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Welcome to #DaRundown South Podcast Season 3.  In this first episode of the season, Keith Nelson Jr. joins the podcast. From Drake, Pusha T,  Beyonce and Jay-Z, Wiz Khalifa, Jay Rock, and many more, there we some monster music drops this summer. We pick some personal highlights from the streaming buffet that may not have taken over your timeline. (5:30) 

We follow that with a good look at Travis Scott Astroworld. Keith and I dissect some of the themes of the album, where this album ranks amongst the other Travis Scott Albums, why his first-week sales validate a concept in style. (19:42)

With Travis Scott dominating the charts, we decided to take a moment to rank Auto Era Rap artists. The conversation quickly turned into a discussion on how to appreciate Autotune Era Rap and establishing a class of artists that clearly separate themselves from what is here from the trends.  We quickly discover the lack of depth in this class and explore some ways to strengthen it.  (41:27)

#DRDS EP. 79 Kyrie Irving and Cleveland Cavaliers Talk w/ J. Hicks of HHSR
August 05, 2017 09:55 PM PDT
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This week on a special report. we sit down with J. Hicks from the Hip-Hop Sports Report to talk about the recent developments with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Kyrie Irving. Due to some technology set backs its a little late yet the conversation is still relevant until further developments. We break down the Cavs, on every level from the owner Dan Gilbert, to the GM position, down to the players and we examine how we get here.

Thanks for listening!

#DRDS Ep. 78 NBA Draft, JAY-Z and DJ Khaled Drop New Music
June 22, 2017 09:28 AM PDT
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This week on the podcast we discuss the NBA Draft and all the trades that have people on the move.

We then get into Jay-Z is dropping 4:44 June 30th and DJ Khaled dropping Grateful June 23th.

#DRDS Ep. 77 NBA Finals Recap, Michael Vick Retirement
June 16, 2017 12:23 PM PDT
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This week Keith Nelson Jr. joins the pod to discuss the NBA Finals and Michael Vick's retirement.

The Goledn State Warriors are champions. So what's LeBron's next move? We move on quick. Kevin Love seems to already be traded. And somehow Paul George has made it on Cavs. The Warriors have shown their dominance doesn't seemed to be going away so there isn't much to mention after that.

Michael Vick is retiring with the Falcons and the franchise is too afraid to give him his moment opting to put him next to Roddy White. It's cowardly to say the least.

Thanks for listening!
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